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Steam Oven with Microwave

Steam Oven with Microwave

Highlights of the Miele Steam Ovens with Microwaves

Automatic menu cooking

Cook three different dishes simultaneously. With automatic menu cooking you can combine up to three automatic programmes for different foods. Temperature, cooking times and sequence are automatically set. The appliance informs you when individual items should be placed in the oven so that everything is ready at the same time. In this way you can cook meals without stress and with perfect timing.

Automatic programmes for steam cooking

Relaxed cooking with guaranteed success. Intelligent automatic programmes for cooking different types of food makes everyday cooking even easier. Manual selection of temperature and duration is no longer necessary. You can specify the cooking temperature for many types of food - for perfect results with guaranteed success. A safe and easy way to cater for discerning tastes.

Large cooking compartment and large tray size

Allows you to be creative. The new 40 litre cooking compartment allows you to place one or more extra-large cooking containers on each of the three levels for steam cooking. No one else has such a large surface area for placing containers on!


Perfection just as you like it. MultiSteam is the combination of a powerful steam generator and optimal steam distribution via 8 steam inlet ports. The powerful steam generator with 3.3 kW ensures quick steam generation and thereby short heating up times of the cooking compartment. The special arrangement and alignment of the 8 steam inlet ports ensures quick distribution of steam in the cooking compartment and around the steam cooking containers for more even cooking results.

Simple Cleaning

Spic and span in next to no time. Thanks to external steam generation and a stainless steel oven interior, Miele steam ovens are very easy to clean. No annoying calcium deposits form in the cooking compartment, and the smooth cooking cabinet walls and above all the base of the cooking compartment are easy to clean. After you are finished cooking one wipe is sufficient and everything is dry and shiny again.

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