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Highlights of the Miele Induction Hobs

Con@ctivity 2.0

State-of-the-artThanks to the future-proof automatic function Con@ctivity 2.0 you can concentrate fully on cooking. In addition to switching the cooker hood on and off Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically adjusts the extraction power of the hood to what is happening on the hob and thereby ensures a pleasant room climate. With Con@ctivity 2.0 the cooker hood communicates with the hob via wireless technology.

Efficient and Safe

Heat is generated where it is needed.When cooking with induction, heat is generated only where it is needed: in the bottom of the pan. Cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is lost. And it is particularly safe as the ceramic glass remains comparatively cool.

Pan Size Recognition

Best possible use of energyWith induction hobs, the size of the pan is detected by the cooking zone, and energy is only used on this area. This ensures the most efficient use of energy.

PowerFlex Induction

For large pansPowerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible. Whether individual cookware, particularly large pasta pans or oven dishes: they can all be used without a problem. The unsurpassed speed is unique, with to a booster output of up to 7.4 kW. It goes without saying that PowerFlex also features Miele's tried-and-tested TwinBooster technology.

System and Safety Lock

Safety for allThe safety lock function prevents inadvertent changes to the chosen power levels during cooking. The system lock protects from accidental or unauthorised switching on, by children, for example. This function can be activated on a hob that is switched off.